Welcome, and thank you for visiting, I’m Katie Bonzer!

Here you can find adventures documented, growth discovered and recipes created. Writing is a passion and process, my apologies but expect to witness imperfect grammar. Readers can also share along with a few of my favorite hobbies. Within these pages explore criteria such as; cooking, hiking, travel, yoga, parenting, sewing, crafts, decor, style, marriage, faith-based literature, work-outs, and beauty products. YouTube videos will be frequently uploaded in the body of posts, I hope you enjoy those live moments. I enjoy anything and everything within the food and wine industry so there is a plethora of posts of that nature.

Viewers can learn more about the blog on “The Five Year” about life throughout the past five years of blogging (hence the title) and plans for the future. Attatched within that post is some imperfectly personal live-in-living color YouTube chat.


This blog is an accumulation and continuation of my blogging since 2011. (2chefs1home.com,  hymn&homily.wordpress.com,  lecordonbleustudent.com  katiebonzer.blogspot.com, katielynnbonzer.wordpress.com)


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