Five Year
Five Year Blog anniversary

It’s wild to think that a journal blog started as a dalliance on an airplane to NYC in August of 2011 grew into something lush and insatiable. “The Blog” was in kind my first baby, something I’ve nurtured, sustained, and zealously protected. From Orange County CA, across to New York City, down to Virginia, across the country back to LA, midway to Chicago, back to Orange County and now in Michigan this blogs five years of life have been filled with such wanderlust just as my own heart. These posts danced around ups, downs and the prolific moments that filled the in between. The original objective was to grant our family forever access to a panoply of memories but it has come into something bigger, a place to connect and grow a pastiche for modern cultural meeting grounds.

In closing here’s a video from today of my Periscope live broadcast and uploaded to YouTube going through the five-year journey and what can be expected ahead in year six. Thank you for being a part of this, sincerely, Katie Bonzer.


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