While trying to find the original purpose of Hallowe’en I came across hopeful information.

All Hallow’s Eve was traditionally celebrated by Christians who believed that on the 31st of October the veil between the material world and the afterlife is thinned. In order to prevent their recognition by a soul, people would don masks or costumes to spook away evil or disguise their identities. All Saints’ Day, is a celebration beginning at sunset on the 31st of October (aka at Vespers, a sunset evening prayer service) and ending at the close of November 1st. All Saint’s is a solemnity celebrated by the Catholic Church, a solemnity is feast day of the highest rank in the church year and this feast celebrates the saints importance to the Church. Following All Saint’s is All Souls’ Day on the 2nd of November which is a day of prayer for the dead specifically, though not exclusively for our relatives to commemorate the faithful departed.  In conclusion, the triduum of All Hallow’s Eve,  All Saints’ Day, All Souls Day is a religious observance set in order to remember the dead martyrs, saints, and all departed faithful Christians. I would like to thank Catholic.org for providing great information so that I could collect and converge a solid explanation for myself as well as for sharing with you.

Observing a three-day event of fasting, feasting, costume and prayer for Gods faithful servants who have joined him in Heaven relieves my Christian guilt of celebrating hallowe’en…

Much like how Christmas has evolved into a commercial holiday, Halloween has transformed into horror movie premiers and for some gruesome folks out there a chance to flirt with satanic worship for a day. As I see it, if I teach my son and baby on the way about Hallowe’ens true meaning to us than I see no harm or foul in a bit of dress up and candy. Below are some photo op’s from our Hallowe’en celebrations.

Our First Go Round (Lorax weekend prior to Halloween) & The actual Trick-or-Treating (Frankenstein Halloween. Our first snow of the year was Hallowe’en morning.) 

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