International Bakers Industry Exposition

Part 2 of the International Bakers Industry Expo 2013 at Las Vegas Convention Center: The Demonstrations and Classes

Each day of the conference there was a schedule of demonstrations, offered at no charge, held on multiple kitchen stages. The moment that I saw the Co-Founders and Academic Deans of The French Pastry School, Sébastien Canonne M.O.F. award winner and Jacquy Pfeiffer on the IBIE website I was certain I had to go to the conference. Attending the French Pastry School had been a dream of mine after discovering the school in “Kings of Pastry.” Unfortunately Chicago never quite seemed within my grasp but as fate should have it I had the utmost pleasure of observing six demonstrations by the “Kings” and they lived up to the name. I was a smitten kitten to have the privilege to learn from and meet these two chefs. They are quite funny and charismatic, it was no surprise that every seat in the house was taken. I of course always showed up early and got a good seat as not to miss anything of importance. The knowledge they shared with us was great and the delicate treats were delicious, not to mention they emailed us all of the recipes! The other main attraction of the demos this year was Buddy Valstro the famous Hoboken, NJ star of TLC’s “Cakeboss”. I don’t really enjoy making cakes because customers get far to stressed about them so I didn’t attend Buddys demos. Plus his demos were packed with people  and later in the day which would have cut into my Vegas Exploration time, and it is supposed to be a vacation… sort of?!

Chef Sébastien Canonne MOF and Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer
Chef Sébastien Canonne MOF and Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer
Chef Sébastien Canonne M.O.F. Demonstration on Almond and Pistachios Nougat, Passion Fruit and Mango Caramel, and Cassis Marshmallow
Chef Jacquy Pfeiffers demonstration on Raspberry and Rose Pepin, Orange and Yuzu Marmalade, and Smooth Coconut Salted caramel Spread
Chef Sébastien Canonne M.O.F. plated desert
Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer demonstration of Fleur de Sel, Pepper, Vanilla and Chocolate Mousse Cake with Cremeux Vanille and Mousse Chocolate a L’Anglaise,
Chef Jacquy Pfeiffers demonstration on Passion Fruit Mango Chocolate Candies
Chef Jacquy Pfeiffers demonstration on Passion Fruit Mango Chocolate Candies
Chef Sébastien Canonne M.O.F.
Pistachio Cinnamon Macarons
Almond, Hazelnut and Chocolate Financier
Chef Jorg Amsler Food Network Star and Instructor at Sugar Arts Institute I was lucky enough to get to help him make two silicone gem molds and paint some chocolate Gems. Chef even let me keep the molds!
Chef Jorg Amslers demonstration on creating Gemstones in Chocolate
Chef Jorg Amslers demonstration on creating Gemstones in Chocolate, the top two are the chocolates I painted.
Chef Jorg Amslers demonstration on Chocolate Molding and painting. Can you tell which eagle is actually metal? The right.
He painted the left to be half silver and half steel to show contrasting.
Chef Amslers preferred brand of luster dust.

Along with demos there is also a schedule of classes that are available to attend by paying for them in addition to the expo registration fee. The classes are taught by talented instructors such as Food Network Star Jorg Amsler, Certified Master Sugar Artist Ruth Rickey and usually others of this standard. The classes focus on teaching skills such as; isomalt, modeling with chocolate, sugar pulling, fondant cakes, airbrushing, painting, flowers, bread-making and the like. There are also classes that are less hands-on that teach the business side of running  a bakery. The classes I attended were Modeling Techniques of Fondant and Chocolate with Beth Parvu of Sugarpaste and Bows and Fantasy Flowers with Ruth Rickey of Sugar Zen.

My hand molded and painted fondant bacon and sunny side up eggs.
Painting and molding my fondant burger.
My hand molded and painted fondant burger and fries.
My first attempt at gum paste and fondant flowers.
My first attempt at a fondant bow.

The IBIE conference was overall worthy of my time and money because it provided visions and ideas that focus and ameliorate my passion for baking. I look forward to attending again next year however I will be bringing my husband with and registering much further in advance so that we can get into all of the classes we would like.

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