International Bakers Industry Exposition

The second week of October I had the delicious enjoyment of attending the International Bakers Industry Exposition at the Las Vegas convention Center in Sin City! I heard about the IBIE by one of my chef instructors at Le Cordon Bleu who assured me it was an excellent place to find opportunities and network, and boy was he right! Lets talk a little about all of the Vendors that attended.

To get ready for my new adventure I had shirts made with my name on the front and across the back for each of the days of the convention. This not only turned out to be great advertising for our website but also an easy intro for conversation. There seemed to be an Echo of “Hi, Katie what is 2chefs1home?” in my direction and it gave me the opportunity to share Jake’s and my fervor for food, culinary school and most recently our venture in writing this blog. Meeting so many wonderful people who work in the industry was a blessing and an opportunity to give away nearly thirteen dozen of my freshly hand-made Salted Vanilla Bean Soft Caramels and Chocolate Soft Caramels (”) along with my business cards.

In addition to networking I strolled through the convention center wide-eyed and in awe by the sheer volume of vendors. The most intriguing stands were the ones who offered new alternatives to your typical products for instance; natural sweeteners, organic flours, biodegradable packaging and such. Some other vendors I found interesting were marketing products like molds, tools, food safe dyes, edible glitter and other decorating items. And then there were many that didn’t command my interest, for instance the assembly line machines and such set up to sell to commercial producers.

Here are some of my favorite vendors:
•Chef Rubber is the king of everything chef supplies
• Smet Belgian Chocolate Decorations and Innovations
•Guittard Chocolate Company
•Cacao Barry Chocolate
•Gourmet Pidy ready to fill pastry products (kosher)
•Qzina Specialty Foods for chocolate, desert and pastry professionals has an array of fine products at
•Suntava Purple Corn a non-GMO “Superfood”
•Imperial Sugar Molasses and Cane Syrups had such full flavor I will be implementing them in some of my recipes.
•Suzanne’s Specialties carries sweeteners
•Satin Ice Rolled Fondant
•Silikomart Professional thousands of Silicone Moulds
•TrufflyMade Silicone Truffle Molds
•NY Cake & Baking Supply
•The Sugar Art Luster Dust
•Avalon Deco Supplies icing decorations, edible gems, dragees, luster dusts
•OneWay gripable or hot filling disposable piping bag 702.340.8697
•PacknWood Fashionable Food Packaging
•Mitili Paper Food Packaging with Art

Savannah Gold division of Imperial Sugar
Free-Flowing Honey Crystals
Imperial Sugar edible molasses
Lisa Mansour of NY Cake Academy
Suzanne’s Specialties Sweeteners
PacknWood Fashion Food Packaging
Mitili Paper Art Packaging
Chef Rubber
OneWay. These piping bags are amazing and the company sent 2chefs1home three demo bags in the mail!
Avalon Deco Supplies
Gourmet Pidy
Guittard Chocolate Company
Guittard Chocolate Company
The vendors map of the IBIE at Las Vegas Convention Center. Now that’s a lot of people!

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