One of the greatest questions I’ve been asked is “How do you want to be defined?”

I would venture to guess it’s the most difficult question I ask myself, and maybe it takes a lifetime to hone in on. My answer has been a shape shifter over time which is probably accurate being a mere twenty seven. For awhile it was constantly moving, eventually it slowed pace but remained blurry until it became still and its visibility shone through.


One word with so much impact. The definitions may vary but the magnitude resounds. “Benevolent love and mercy given by God because of his desire for us to have love and mercy, not of judgement or because we have done anything to deserve it.”

Tell me there is something better out there than to feel love generously-freely-unexpectedly-underservingly!

“Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given” this was said by John the Baptist in regards to Jesus, who technically came along after John but in every other way through grace as a gift, came to us before John.  I think what John is saying is that God gave us this undeserving love, this gift so invaluable that we have the ability to carry that goodwill out to others freely. We’ve all been given this same grace but by definition we are human and flawed. In that flaw lies the fact that if we try to attain perfection we will fail every time, and so instead we are to live humbled and choose grace. In turn we give grace to others happily by being merciful and loving undeservingly to others. Easier said than done but definitely worthy of attempting to live each day for. Not everyone will accept your grace and many will take advantage of it through manipulation but it’s in those times that we use clarity of judgement and put on our armor of God to rise above, accept them for who they are, and move on in our journey’s.

I am defined as grace, by grace freely given to me through grace willingly given to others.


Goodnight word, this is a short post self-study journal that I felt compelled to write up & share within this safe space that I love so much. -Katie 6/9/2016 12:07AM

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