Guess what’s in season again? Watermelon, Cantaloupe, and other Melon varieties! Deliciously sweet and refreshing these fruits are a summer favorite of children and adults alike. Perfect food for snacking, or an easy treat to bring to a barbecue.

Impress friends and family with an alluring  assortment of fresh vibrant fruits that are easy to pop in your mouth with the melon balling technique.

For this adorable fruit salad you will need one Cantaloupe, one small Seedless Qatermelon, and one Honeydew Melon.

  • Melon baller, also called Parisian Scoop is a rounded scoop used for ingredients that are delicate enough to cut but firm enough to maintain shape.
  • Melon ballers are used for fruits, vegetables, frozen purees and confectionery such as ganache used in chocolate truffles.
  • Rotate the baller a few rotations while scooping to create perfect spherical shape.

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