Polish Purge in progress.


#HoardersAnon That’s my big secret. I’m powerless against the masses of beauty products I own. Half of my cosmetics have never been opened while the other half suffer abandonment after just the one use. Today I took the big step of purging my ample nail polish coffer of any colors dry, offensive or indifferent.



  • If you would not put the color on your nails today. #throwitaway
  • If a beloved color (especially if discontinued) is thickened and goopy fear not, two drops of nail polish remover with thin it back out. Glitters and liquid sand polishes take about 5-6 drops to resurrect.
  • #Trending Fall 2016:: Navy blues, best on squared nails. Creamy 1970’s suede beige with long oval nails. Dark greys with purple hue on longer squared off nails, as well as metallic grey. True apple red’s are universally in fashion, as are barely there pinks. Bring back your mint polishes and drop in a few beads of dark grey because stone mint is in for autumn. Purples in various shades of grey hues.
  • The Colors I Kept:
    • O.P.I. – Bubble bath (pale nude) Italian Love Affair (glossy baby pink) Strawberry Margarita (hot pink) Call Me Gwen-Ever (burnt orange) Jinx Liquid-Sand (glittery orange/red/gold with sand texture) Danke-Shiny Red (glossy holiday red) Honey Ryder Liquid-Sand (glittery gold with sand texture) Pamplona Purple (eggplant) Metallic 4 Life (black with severe silver glitters) Chip Skip
    • Deborah Lippman – P.Y.T (the ultimate pale nude)
      • *****I’ve been loyal to OPI for a decade but DL is hands down the best and my future polish of choice.
    • Revlon – Minted 85 (matte mint)
    • Ulta – Envy (dark green shimmer) Aubergine Queen (dark mauve matte)
    • NYC – Matte Me Crazy (top coat to make any color matte)
    • Sally Hansen – Mudslide Complete Salon (the perfect creamy beige rose)
    • Martha Stewart Gold paint makes a rich touch to nail art! Just swipe a top coat over after it has dried and you’re golden (corny pun, you’re welcome).



Currently wearing:: Ulta Aubergine Queen on my fingers and Sally Hansen Mudslide on my toes. (Both look dreadful because my kids refuse to allow me any personal time, if only that were a joke.)

  1. Cheap polish chips, sorry to be like that but it’s true. Unless you have time to reapply every two days skip the bargain.
  2. Use a base coat (Chip Skip by OPI is my preference) it adheres the polish to your nail. “Thin to win” does apply when it comes to polish, give yourself a good bead for each nail but don’t drown the poor things. No more than two coats of color. To state the obvious, dry between coats. Clear top coat will help avoid scuffing.
  3. When throwing away old polishes keep a spare cleaned brush next to the nail polish remover for pristine cuticles, or use the Elmers glue and paint a U around the cuticle then peel off once the paint has dried. Run your hands in cold water after they’ve dried, this will set your finished polish.
  4. Always use non-acetone unless you need to remove glitter or liquid-sand, then apply an acetone soaked cotton ball to the nail and let it set until it wipes off .



I also hoard nail tools so this is what I kept as essential.



If I could just sum up the courage to tackle my oodles of makeup, but I’m too attached to my bronzers. #thepurge


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