Food Styling; it’s the most important part of pictures for food bloggers, instagrammers, magazine editors and is even applicable to everyday dinner or parties. The fact is that if food presentation looks appetizing it will create a better overall epicurean experience. For this reason we’ve made it our prerogative to share with you loyal IG, Facebook, Google+, Stumblupon, Twitter, WordPress, YouTube and Email subscribers our favorite new custom designer.

Choosing Wisely

We ceaselessly searched to find you and our other viewers a product that was economical, naturally appealing, practical for everyday use, high quality, eco-friendly and most of all hand-made to support small business.

Our Discovery

While critically seeking a product to put our stamp of approval on we found O’Shea Custom Woodworking. O’shea is a virtual shop specializing in custom wood design, it’s based out of Lititz, Pennsylvania and run by Bajamin Shea. During the initial stages of our collaboration we asked Banjamin a few questions, these were his modest answers.

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When did you start working with wood?

“About 3 years ago, I decided to make my own furniture when I moved to a new house.”

What is your favorite thing to create?
What new type of product do you have goals to master?
“I want to keep building things that I have been building, but try new wood species and designs, keep doing new products that fit individual peoples desire.”
What big dreams do you have for your business?
“I want to make more furniture, and work with more stores designing furniture (specifically) for stores as well.”
Where do you sell your products?
“I don’t have a physical store, I have an online store for smaller products, but most of my products are custom made.”
How can consumers contact you for purchase?

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Needless to say after viewing his craft and hearing his enthusiasm we carried on our quest to establish an affiliation with such a passionate craftsman. We talked and then requested a product that was geared towards our viewer demographic. What we received was purely perfection.

A product we believe in.

What we received in the mail exceeded our expectations, it was just as if we had received an early christmas gift. We impatiently opened the cardboard packaging to find a sturdy tailor-made burlap dust cloth style bag. Now when saying burlap we aren’t talking about a potato sack, this is a two toned thick, high thread count and patterned rustic styled cloth that is fitted with two rugged leather straps for tying the tote closed. First impression? Very impressed.

We untied the straps to see a hand written message on thin cork board that read:

May you always be blessed with walls for the wind, a roof for the rain, a warm cup of tea by the fire, laughter to cheer you, those you love near your side & all your heart might desire. -O’Shea-

Upon opening the bag, reading the message, we also received a 2oz bottle of food grade mineral oil to condition our new wood product. Lastly we reached the holy grail, our brand new walnut and hard maple custom designed cutting board. It is phenomenal. The grain of the wood flows through the stain, the finely beveled edge is smooth to the touch and the woodwork displays superior inlayed craftsmanship.  All reviews must be subjective to pro’s and con’s, however the only unfavorable thing I can find about this product is that it is nearly too handsome to cut on, my retort to that is to use one side for cutting and the opposing side for photography purposes only. Did you hear that Jake, you may only cut on one side!

(Knife is Kai Shun Premier 8′ Chef, not included but matches quite perfectly.)

You should buy this because…

We have clearly already expressed how wonderful this product is, and let us assure you we receive no kickbacks from O’Shea for their sales, this is simply a quality product and company that we believe in and endorse. For us the biggest surprise was that this work of art is sold for only $40. Yes you read that correctly. We’ve spent as much as one hundred and fifty dollars on cutting boards from big box stores that end up warping and splintering, have no custom detail and are only supporting major corporations that provide jobs to workers overseas. You will love this cutting board and any other products by O’Shea because it is custom designed to your taste and you will be supporting small business in this country. You will find this to be the perfect customized, one of a kind item for a Christmas, birthday, fathers day, mothers day, or housewarming gift.

We were dazzled by all of the personalized touches. It truly made us feel special to own this piece of hand-crafted artwork, we know you will like it too.

Care Instructions:

  • Clean it with water and set it on it’s side to dry. Apply mineral oil to it every other month or as needed when it looks dry.

O’Shea Contact Information

To follow O’Shea Custom Woodworking or purchase cutting boards, wine racks, cake trays, desks, tables or all other products offered, see below.

@benshea on Instagram


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  1. I love the work created he has a lot of strengths, particularly in furniture, thanks for sharing this featured material.
  2. I love the work created he has a lot of strengths, particularly in furniture, thanks for sharing this featured material.

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