May Yoga Challenge 2014

Do you practice yoga every day?

My goodness, as June came and went and it is now mid July I realized I have yet to post about my May daily yoga.

It’s no secret I’m a yoga addict. My plan to achieve world peace through yoga is slowly becoming a reality… Ok maybe I’m a wee bit hasty, but I have convinced a good fifteen of my fiends to take up the practice. My total yoga world domination is mainly through bombarding my Facebook and personal Instagram page (@katebonzer) with daily(ish) fifteen second yoga videos.

The Goal.

My goals for May started just as they had in Aprils 30 days of Yoga, however after day one of following “May daily yoga challenge” from a well know teacher @beachyogagirl via Instagram, I decided it was not a very well thought out plan to meet my personal fitness needs.

I chose to work on a muscle group, upper body specifically, and build strength that was catered to help my body type. I also worked on back bending and flexibility. As many people have asked me, I look to Kino MagGregors book of Ashtanga Yoga for guidance as well as her instagram and YouTube videos. I also read a lot about yoga online and take heed the level of advancement and difficulty in each pose before attempting. Working up to a level three pose can take a very long time and may require strength building and gaining balance through practicing the “boring” intermediate poses. While working up to the advanced poses I’ve found that I need more understanding of my own anatomy and muscular structure.

Something that resonates with me is that the body is a rare phenomenon. It is the only machine that improves the more it is labored.


With all of our travels in May I didn’t make it out to any Yoga Studios which is a dicey move in a practice that can easily cause injury. One of the great things about Yoga studios are that you have a practiced professional available to make adjustments in your posture.

A few poses from the month.

May Yoga Asaanas-3



The Footage.

I prefer to watch videos of yoga over looking at pictures because it’s a better indicator of whether a pose is within my level of practice, video also helps me recognize follow-up poses, inversions and preparatory poses for advanced asanas. Here is my month of May on Video.

In conclusion.

With another month of daily yoga wrapping up I can truly saw that I have fallen more in love with my practice. I have aligned my body and mind as one through focus and determination, and steadied my thoughts. My faith has followed and grown in my passion for yoga and although my meditation is not of Buddha but for Jesus Christ, yoga has proven to be an excellent way to dedicate time and prayer whilst also receiving its physical benefits.

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