One of my biggest pet peeves is people serving public kitchens without pulling back their hair. Staff should at least wear covers because those strays are just waiting for an opportune moment to fall in the food. Maybe that’s melodramatic but you understand the point I’m stressing so below is a myriad of pictures for hairstyles that I’ve worn in the kitchen that not only keep hair out of food, are stylish & fun!

All of the hair do’s take 10 minutes or less and can be covered with hat or invisible hair net. Make sure your pins are secure and wont fall out, these styles hold very well.

Minnie Mouse – When I wear my hair bow I get stopped on the street by women and often straight men, they all want to know how. Pull hair back tightly where bow is desired, using elastic, tie up hair into pony tail but on the final pull through create a small loop with all of your hair by not pulling it all of the way through the tie. Leave the tail ends of your pony tail facing forward towards your forehead. With the loop; separate hair into 2 even loops, these will be the “ribbon” of your bow, pull them down towards your head and loosen them to the desired bow size you want. Pull the tail ends over the part to create the center “ribbon” neatly and securely pin behind bow. pin down each side “ribbon” to ensure it stays in place. Hairspray. My bow is large because my hair is quite long.

Crop Circle:Start french braid at one ear and rotate around head 360 degrees until all of the hair is braided with one long braid protruding and tied with elastic. Securely pin in a circle with ends pinned into the center.
Pretzel Braid – Part hair in 2 sections, french braid down the side of your hairline to the ends and use elastic, twist into pretzel, secure with pins.
 Around the World – French braid (starting at the top of your head) all of the hair to the nape of the neck, evenly section into two parts and continue braid until ends wrap all the way around. Tuck ends under one another with a few pins.
The Omish ‘ish – Starting with side part twist large section backward while gathering more hair as you go all of the way around your head. Once halo is obtained  tuck ends into nearest twist, secure with extra large pins.
Doughnuts – Part hair in two and twist from top of the part to nape of the neck, secure the twist with pins. continue to twist the hair and shape into round doughnuts, securely pin.
Sock Bun – Pull hair tightly back into a pony tail where bun is desired to sit, with homemade or store-bought sock bun pull about two inches of hair through center. Roll bun and hair in towards head while evenly tucking and distributing hair, roll as tight as possible until you reach the pony tail, using extra large pins secure to head, pin back loose hairs.

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