Well hey there eight months, you sure whizzed by. Our lives have basically been one of those 4x speed videos, so here’s an instant replay of what’s been going on since the last post…

In March I delivered our second son into a world of chaos where all of the following are now normal: “affordable healthcare”, legalized marijuana, ongoing middle eastern upheaval with the added bonus of new powerful extremist groups, racial war against our police force, and a huge change in public acceptance for the LGBT community through the passing of lawful same-sex marriage, parents raising children to be gender neutral, and the media frenzy that is Caitlyn Jenner (I now refer to sex change as “Going full gold medal.” You’re welcome.) Basically I nurtured and grew a fetus in a safety bubble of amniotic fluid to then hurl him into the only world he’ll ever know where bizarre things happen like how diseases that were once eradicated from our country have returned because of a new age mom without a medical degree that decided to “start a movement”. Don’t get me wrong, we were trying for both of our children and by God’s grace we were blessed with two healthy boys, but often I wonder if having kids to fulfill my nethermost desire to be someones mommy was more selfish than sensible.

Nonetheless, our smiley little son Nathanael is now 7 months old and healthy as an ox. I say that without hesitation and no cliché intended, Nate is a 20lb seven month old, and sweet as ever. Those reading this may not have children so for perspective my older son Joey will be three in a couple of weeks, he is taller than average and weighs 32lbs. That’s a twelve pound discrepancy between a seven month old and three-year old. Needless to say, he’s an oak. He’s been eating my homemade baby food since he learned how to sit up on his own at 4&1/2 months, he’s got the army crawl down pretty well now and is pulling himself up to stand. Essentially he’s a housebroken terrorist.

Leaving California yet again. After a grueling cross-country drive with a two-year old and two-week old in a PT Cruiser that ironically had no cruise control we finally made it to Michigan. In my defense, I was not aware I bought a PT Cruise-less until we pulled out-of-town at 11pm on Easter Sunday and made our way past LA traffic. Oh, and one cannot forget to mention the breaking down incident from driving 80 miles per hour in second gear on a 90 degree fahrenheit desert highway. This misfortune was resolved with a “radiator fan transplant” by the great mechanics of Beaver UT. Six very long hours of waiting for a replacement part in a rinky dink auto shop with unimpressed children and I’m the moron who forgot to buy an “I love Beaver” bumper sticker, but I digress. We now live in what one may describe as a scant town, funnel fed by a medium-sized college city. In kind, an amiable depiction could be; A quaint suburban borough initially settled as a miners town with modest yet cozy homes and no stop light for twenty-some miles, mainly inhabited by an elder generation. Depending on the day we love it or hate it, but for today this is our home and we welcome our time amongst family and a friend or two (wishful thinking) . I will say this though; I always get a case of the small town USA smiles when I see little Joey’s hankering adornment for our friday nights at the local high school football field cheering on the Modeltowners. It’s almost as if we’re in the TV show Heart of Dixie… my wardrobe goes over just about as well here as Dr. Zoe Heart’s New York style in Bluebell, Alabama.

As for my husband not being with us for the past year: Let’s be honest, you’ve probably all heard some skewed record of the “facts”. You may act shocked if I brief the details at our unexpected run in at the local market but based on your aptness to give me a fully defined opinion moments after mentioning it one would assume you’ve already engaged in the gossip whether in slander or concern.  I know you don’t process breaking news that fast, maybe work on your poker face? Lucky for me I have neither the time nor energy to care because I’m currently acting as single mom and running a household alone. Hashtag Mom Boss.  Anyhow, Jake is serving his time north of Sacramento by fighting the fires that have been devastating families throughout the state due to four years of drought in California. He does well in the environment because of it’s similarity to the time he spent in the military. He’ll come out of it having actually served a purpose in society versus the waste of money that goes into housing prisoners to sit on their tails and deal drugs to segregated races within their cell blocks.

That’s where I leave you, life is not all roses but there have been some rainbows.

Yup, shit got real this past year.

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  1. What's up, I checked your blog post "We all have secrets." | like every week.Your story-telling style is witty, keep it up!

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