“Mario Batali’s renowned Italian superstore opened its second U.S. location on Monday: a sprawling, 62,000-square-foot multi-restaurant [and grocery] complex in Chicago — the largest location the company has opened yet… The food emporium comes complete with a Nutella bar, a pizzeria, a mozzarella ‘lab’, a brewpub, a gelateria, two cafes (from Lavazza and Caffe Vergnano), plus all the meat, cheese, bread, olive oil and wine one’s heart could possibly desire.” -http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/4373807

So now that we’ve set a beautiful scene, we would like to make a declamation of one of our favorite wine spots in Manhattan that has taken residence in Chicago as of December 2013; this Winesday we present to you a glance into Eataly.
In the winter of 2011 we stumbled upon what we thought was a small Italian NYC wine shop, merely looking for a good, yet affordable Amarone. As we walked deeper into the store we realize this was not your average liquor store we had found a secret celestial foodie lair where we could drink a glass of wine and grocery shop AT THE SAME TIME.









This weekend we went to Eataly for the second time since moving to Chicago. As we made our way through the sundry of cheeses, with wine glass in hand, Kate came across an amazing Wine and Cheese pairing swatch book. On the front of the swatches are Cheese profiles with name, picture, optimal wine pairing, description and history, the type of cheese, provenance, and similar cheeses. On the back side of the swatch are wines with name, cheese pairing suggestion, examples of: producer, varietal, country, region and appellation. It also gives a good description of why the cheese pairs well with the varietal based on the flavor profile. There are additionally red, white and dessert wine pairings for each individual wine swatch in the event you want to create a wine flight. We are happy with our newest purchase of Max McCalman’s Wine+Cheese Pairing Swatchbook, it is the perfect companion for a wino at home, on the go or at the market.
Max McCalman, Maître Fromager, www.artisanalcheese.com.




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